A Cheeky Kendo God season 1

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Sword Shadow Villa(剑影山庄) has helped Iron Sword Group(铁剑门)through many crises.

The master Zhou Yuanting(周元庭) of Sword Shadow Villa and the leader Li Peiyuan(李培元) of Iron Sword Group have a deep personal friendship.

The sudden death of Zhou Yuanting allowed Wulin’peoples(武林人士) to have the intention of looting the treasure that The Shadow(承影剑) of Sword Shadow Villa.

Among them, Tianshan disciple Luo Kun(罗坤) is one of the most powerful.

Plot 1:

You are becoming MC Wu Chi(吴池)with your brother Liu yu(刘钰) ordered to attend Zhou Yuanting's funeral.You choose:

1, go

2, don't go


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    Reason:When I choose to go, I am sure to be in trouble.I don't like trouble.

  • Background 2:

    As a result, you were forcibly taken to Sword Shadow Villa by your brother Liu Yu. Along the way, you kept resisting, but you were taught many times by your brother Liu Yu.

    When you finally arrived at Sword Shadow Villa, Zhou Boyan, the daughter of Zhuangzhu(庄主), warmly received you. At the banquet, you teased her and were beaten up by your brother and the servants of Sword Shadow Villa.

    The next day you spent the whole day in bed listlessly. When you came out for a walk in the evening, you met Zhou Boyan. You turned your head in other directions with great embarrassment.

    Plot 2:

    At this time, Zhou Boyan suddenly came to you and invited you to practice sword the next morning.

    You choose:

    1, go

    2, do not go

    3, Let your brother Liu Yu go

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